2022 Semester 2

Welcome to Semester 2 with ANU Tennis Club!

For those of you who have returned from break, welcome back!

To all the new students, welcome to ANU!

Please join us for our Semester 2 BBQ at 2 pm to 4 pm on Sunday the 24th of July. Come enjoy a sausage and a hit, meet the committee and other club members!

Semester 2 memberships are open for new members:


$50 for Students

$70 for Associates


$90 for Students

$110 for Associates

Associates will still have to pay the associate fee to ANU Sport on top of their membership fee. Join through the ANU Sport Clubs Portal using your ANU student ID (if you have one). Read more about our membership types here and session times.

Entries are also open for our Semester 2 ANU Open! All entrees must be club members. Sign up here. Please read through the info at the top and enter by the 31st of July!