Here is a page for our frequently asked questions. Have a look through and see if any of these answers may help you, otherwise feel free to message us on our Facebook page.

How do I find out about club events?

Make sure to like our Facebook page and join the ANU Tennis Club members page once your purchase a membership. Any news about club happenings and events will be shared there!

What sessions does the club run?

The club sessions that are being run are advertised both here and on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out there for any changes!

How will I know if a session is cancelled?

All sessions will run as planned unless a post is made on the Facebook page which explicitly states the session is cancelled. If there seems to be bad weather, assume the session is going ahead unless a post has been made.

I am a complete beginner / don’t know what level I am, what sessions should I come to?

If you are a complete beginner or simply do not know what level you are in our tennis club, come along to our Sunday coaching sessions. These sessions involve some games and tennis coaching suitable for all skill levels.

Here are a few points as a guide:
– If you are able to serve, then you may enjoy the Friday social doubles sessions.
– If you would like to be more competitive, then the ANU Pennant sessions are a great choice.
– If you are confident in your tennis skills, then try out the Sunday advanced sessions!

How do I sign up for a membership?

Signup is done through the ANU Sport Club Portal. You log in to the website and select your desired membership product from there.

Note: If you are an ANU Staff and Student i.e. a PhD student, make sure to log in with your student account, as the Club Portal system defaults to logging in with your staff account.

Where can I find membership pricing?

Pricing is available on the ANU Sport Club Portal.

What is the difference between social and full memberships?

The social membership gives you access to all the club events and sessions. The full membership gives you access to the club sessions and events AND up to 2 hours per day of free court hire through ANU Sport. There are some more details here!

Are there additional costs for non-student members (associates)?

Associate members may have to pay an additional $120 in CAF fees and their membership prices are $20 more than students. If such a member wants to get a full membership, they may have to pay a $20 deposit for a court access card. This deposit is returned once the card is returned.

I’m having problems with the ANU Sport Club Portal! What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with the majority of issues that may arise on the ANU Sport Club Portal. Please contact ANU Sport for any of these issues!

I’ve just paid! Is there anything else I need to do?

Thanks for joining our club this year! If you are an associate and have purchased a full membership, then you may have to pay a $20 deposit to ANU Sport for a court access card. Otherwise, there is nothing else you need to do and you can enjoy your benefits!

I purchased a full membership, why don’t I have court access?

If you purchased a full membership as a student then you may have to wait a little bit for ANU Security to update your student card. This process usually takes up to two weeks, so please do contact both us and ANU Sport if you still do not have court access after two weeks.

How much does ANU pennant cost?

Each ANU pennant session a player participates in will cost $8. The cost of the sessions will be invoiced to players at the end of each season.

Do I need to be a member to play in ANU pennant?

ANU pennant is reserved for ANUTC members only.

When do I have to register for ANU pennant each week?

You have to indicate your availability on the ANUTC Web App to play in an ANU pennant session by Monday 5pm of that week.

How do I organise/record a ladder match?

Message the player on the ladder you wish to play asking for a match. If they accept, organise a time to play and make your own booking through ANU sport (these matches are not club sessions, so members will have to make their own booking). After the match completion (1 set), one player uploads the match to the ANUTC Web App. The other player then has to go on the ladder section of the ANUTC Web App and approve the pending result.

Can I get a membership for a single semester?

Generally, single semester memberships are only available in Semester 2. If you will no longer be in Canberra after Semester 1, then please give us an email and we can organise a single semester membership for you.