AGM/Committee Elections

ANUTC will be holding an AGM at 4 pm on Sunday October 9th. All Executive and Committee Roles will be up for election!

If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please register here:

Here is a quick description of the key responsibilities of each role:

Roles of Executive members:

  • President
    • Manage Club email
    • Approve of ANUTC official decisions
    • Respond to official club correspondence in Club email
    • Represent ANUTC in public events
    • Authorise all club-scale decisions representing the Club
    • Manage ANUTC website
  • Vice President
    • Maintain ANUTC Membership list
    • General assistance to the President
    • Authorise all small-scale decisions representing the Members
  • Treasurer
    • Organise financial summary and bookkeeping
    • Authorise all financial decisions from ANUTC Bank account
    • Maintain ANUTC Bank account
    • Respond to general correspondence in Club email

Roles of Committee members:

  • Competitions Officer:
    • Liaise with ANU Sports for Black Mountain Battle and UC Intervarsity competitions
    • Organise ANU Open and ANUTC competitions
    • Maintain ANUTC Ladder updates
    • Liaise with Tennis ACT for The Walking Clinic Adult Tennis League
  • Pennant Officer
    • Organise and oversee ANU Pennant sessions
    • Maintain a list of player and player levels to facilitate competitive play
    • Assist the competitions officer for ANUTC competitions
  • Social Officer
    • Maintain ANUTC social media advertising
    • Organise ANUTC social events
    • Maintain activity on Social Media platforms
    • Post announcements via Social Media
  • General Representative
    • Liaise with general public regarding ANUTC-related questions
    • Assist with ANUTC public events
    • General assistance to Executive members
    • Respond to general correspondence via Facebook