ANU Tennis Club members can be involved in several competitions. ANUTC runs the ANU Pennant and ANU Open and through the club, members can join the Canberra Tennis League.

What is ANU Pennant?

ANU Pennant is a social competition run by the club, for the club. ANUTC is committed to running ANU Pennant to provide a fun, encouraging environment for playing competitive matches. For this purpose, all participants must be members of the club.

Each season there will be 20 rounds, which runs for 10 weeks. Each round, players will be sorted into teams of three. Each player will play a single’s set and two double’s, one with each team member.

Sign up using Google or Facebook using the ANUTC app through your browser. Once your membership is confirmed, select the appropriate season and date and indicate your availability.

The capacity for one round is 12 players. You may not have a guaranteed spot every session if more than 12 people sign up, so please check the “Matches” button on the bottom of the round or look out for any Facebook updates before attending.

What is Tennis League?

The Walking Clinic Adult Tennis League is an inter-club tournament open to adults in the ACT. The competition is held in several seasons throughout the year and on various days of the week. Sign-ups are advertised at several times throughout the year.

It is a great way to represent the ANU Tennis Club within the local community and practise playing competitively. Players participate in similar-skilled teams. Teams are placed in divisions, which are decided by the external ACT Pennant coordinator.

You should contact our Competitions Coordinator if you are interested in the Tennis League. They will be able to advise which grade best suits your skills and help you find or create a team within the club, and answer any questions you might have.


Tennis League is a fantastic opportunity to play more tennis, however it is a substantial commitment. The season is spread out over several months and overlaps with ANU semester time, possibly including exam periods. Please keep this in mind when signing up. If you do not manage your time effectively to consistently attend training and matches, it is unfair that the whole team should suffer. Also note that your team needs to negotiate among themselves who will play each week.


Unless otherwise notified by the Club, all home games are at the ANU South Oval Tennis Courts. Teams are responsible for booking the courts themselves.

If applicable, teams can book up to 2 hours free per ANUTC full member as a part of their included full membership benefits to save on court hire.

Both Home and Away games will have their locations specified on the draw.


ANU Pennant costs $8 per session that you compete in, which is sent as an invoice per season (10 weeks).

Tennis League fees are charged per team per season. Teams are responsible for splitting the cost. The cost includes match tennis balls and Tennis ACT organisational fees.

Notably the cost of transport to matches will not be covered, and you are responsible for organising this transport yourself.

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