Hi Everyone!!!

The ANU Tennis Club (ANUTC) is pleased to announce that ANU Sport and the University are planning on reopening outdoor facilities from Saturday 23 May in accordance with ACT Government Guidelines. However, as bookings can only be made Monday to Friday you will need to wait till tomorrow, Monday 25 May, to make a booking. We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the current pandemic. 


This means that the ANU Tennis Courts will be opening back up shortly however, at this time the courts can only be used by ANUTC members for private hitting. Additionally, if you choose to use the courts you will need to adhere to the rules outlined in our COVID-Safe Training Plan (which is attached to this email) and ANU Sports Return-to-Play Plan which was made in accordance with the Universities and Governments guidelines


At this time the normal ANUTC training and social hitting sessions will remain cancelled until further notice but as previously mentioned, ANUTC full members will be able to use the courts for their own private bookings. In compliance with Tennis ACT and ANU Sport Management you are permitted to have a maximum of 4 people per court so long as you are observing social distancing protocols. This means that at the South Oval Tennis courts there can only be a maximum of 16 people training at a time with no additional spectators. 


To make a private booking you will need to do this in advance by emailing sport@anu-sport.com.au. In this email you will need to outline…. 


  • Your membership status (i.e. you’re a full member of the ANUTC) 
  • The date and time you are looking to book a court (up to 2 hours) 
  • Court preference and 
  • The names of anyone who will be playing with you. 
    • A majority of which need to be full ANUTC members. However, some social members will be permitted to accompany full members. 


These requests currently need to be emailed as ANU Sport has removed the online booking form but once this function is back online you will be notified. 


Currently, the use of any ANU Tennis Court will not be permitted without a prior booking which should be made in as much advance as possible. Bookings will only be processed Monday to Friday so we encourage you to provide ANU Sport with as much notice as possible, particularly for any weekend bookings. If ANU Sport receives these requests late then they cannot guarantee a booking will be confirmed in time for your use. 


There will be multiple stages in our journey to reopening the club safely and in accordance with the necessary guidelines, so we ask for your patience during this time. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via email or our Facebook page and continue to keep an eye out for further updates regarding the ANUTC. ANUTC COVID-Safety Training Plan


We would once again like to thank you all for being supportive during this time and we cannot wait to see you all on the courts again as soon as time permits. 
Kind Regards,
ANUTC Committee