Common questions / issues with the online payment system

1) I am a non-student, where is the option to purchase a non-student membership?

You will notice that you can only see the student membership. The non-student membership can only be purchased after the $120 SRA ANU Sport membership has been purchased.

2) How do I  access an existing membership account through the online portal?

If you are an existing member of ANU Sport, your login details will be as follows.

Username: Your email linked to your membership

Password: Welcome1

You will be prompted to update and change your password to something more secure of your choosing.

3) My email/password isn’t recognised by the system

If you don’t know your email or it does not recognise it, there may one of two problems:

  1. You do not have an email address linked to your existing account in our database; or
  2. You are not/no longer a member, and therefore, need to go through the registration process from scratch

Please note that this payment system is administered by ANU Sport. As such, we can only list basic troubleshooting and frequently asked questions here which have been provided by ANU Sport. 

For issues not listed here, please email us (click here) explaining the nature of your issue in as much detail as possible, and we can help to solve it.