Welcome to the ANU Tennis Club ladder!

We will be updating the ladder each week with the new player ratings. We will also post the results of all challenges in the past week. If you have a dispute about an outcome, please let us know during the week after we post the result and we’ll try to resolve it. After 1 week, all results will be finalized.

Note, we add players who are already participating in the advanced sessions at a higher initial rating than the default. Advanced players start at 1650, everyone else starts at 1500 by default.


1thomas kriedemann1686
2jim chung1685
3dominic yang1654
4luke jirman1637
5dillon hammill1624
6jordan uhr1624
7henry yan1620
8alex tan1614
9george blattman1612
10anton smirnov1525
11chris jackson1525
12joseph ting1524
13nelson towler1524
14charlie wallner1520
15lachie macfarlan1515
16christopher kim1501
17ante cugura1500
18claudia yan1500
19hugh fitzgibbon1500
20vincent labancz1500
21cameron dunn1489
22alex tufegdzic1487
23ben duong1487
24billy jaffray1487
25finlay clarke1487
26lochlan ferrington1487
27angus kellaway1475
28tia king1475
29aymon holth1474
30james hamilton-kane1474
31josephine philip1474
32kai lockwood1474
33matthias scheiter1474
34mike zhou1474
35nathan exell1474
36sejay segal1474
37tim cassidy-welch1474
38rhyannah hamer1473
39arshutosh paudel1467
40david kim1463
41vineet yarlagadda1458
42maddie fry1452
43matthew stephens1448

Weekly Results

cameron dunnmatthew stephens1-6 7-6 7-1
charlie wallnermaddie fry7-6(5)