Coming up this Friday we have our first Trivia night! The theme is, by an odd coincidence, the OLYMPICS!

Hello Tennis Friends!!

A slightly belated welcome to Semester 2!! If you’re free this Friday from 7:30, come and test your general knowledge skills at Rio de Kinloch Lodge common room for a trivia tribute to the Olympic Games…

‘Trivia Games!’

The format will be 4 rounds of general knowledge and 1 famous faces page. The different themes for the 4 rounds include:
1) Geography
2) Popular Culture
3) Olympics
4) Surprise!

Looking forward to seeing you soon! If you haven’t started studying for your courses, you definitely need to start for trivia!


Rally for Relief! Bake sale for Ecuador.

Thursday 27/04/2016 –  8am-16:00pm (come any time!)

This Thursday the club be will be having a ‘Bake Sale’ at Union Court to fundraise for the victims of the Ecuador earthquake. Just like last year, club members can vote to decide on which NGO or charity appeal should the money raised go to. 

s a result of the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador, it has been reported that over 640 people have died, and that number is likely to increase. The cost of the damage has been estimated between $2.5 – $3.8 billion.

2016 ACT Challenge – White

Over the course of 4 days a number of our members including Luke Jirman, George Blattman and Phil Bruen, represented the club in the annual White Tournament at Lyneham. All three played like gladiators and came away with grand achievements. Luke made it through to the third round of the qualifiers but unfortunately was soundly beaten by a most impressive player. George made it to the second round of the consolation draw and Phil made it to the finals of the consolation draw. Luke and George played very well during their tenure in their doubles, making it through to the third round.

All up it was a great weekend of tennis and all players should be very proud of their achievements.

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Game, Set, Dinner & Trivia (GSD&T!!)

Friday 1st April we had our first pot luck and trivia night! We had a good turnout given the quick change of venue, but the night was fantastic nonetheless. Lots of food, trivia and good company! A most enjoyable evening.

Make sure to lock in 7:30 Friday the 8th of April as your next trivia day! Game, Set, Dinner & Trivia Round II is coming your way at Kinloch Unilodge. See you there!

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Game, Set, Dinner & Trivia – Round II
From 7-9:30pm on Friday April 8th, the club will be having another welcome pot luck and trivia event!! This is to give people who had an assessment/exam enjoy the same experience as last those who came last Friday. It will be a fun evening to share a meal with our tennis friends off the court, and to test our general knowledge!!


It will be a pot luck! If you can, please bring a dish of food! If everyone can bring something, there will be a great range of dishes to enjoy! A poll will be created to find out dietary requirements of the members attending (and what foods to avoid!).


There will be 4 rounds of trivia! It won’t be specific to tennis, but rather there will be general knowledge questions! In between the rounds there will be some challenges!